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In PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, the point is to concentrate the platelets which have Growth Factors. Platelets can be activated by two ways, physically and chemically. In Growthcell therapy, platelets are being activated by Calcium Chloride chemically inside the tube. Then CGF plasma is to be injected to target tissue. CGF healing is faster than PRP therapy.

How is the GrowthCell KGF System Prepared?

1-) 9-10 ml of blood is vacuum filled into Tube1.

2-) Centrifuge for 8 minutes at 3200 RPM.

3-) whole plasma with few erythrocytes Take and

transfer to Tube 2 and mix gently 7-8 times.

4-) Centrifuge Tube2 for another 4 minutes at 3500 RPM.

5-) All plasma is withdrawn and administered, except for the lower RBC.