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Fat tissue is one of the most occupied tissues in our body. It is the most important and largest energy store of the human body. The adipose tissue stored under the skin plays a major role in shaping our body. Due to its low conductivity, adipose tissue also performs very strong heat insulation duty.

Fat tissue, which we often complain about and are disturbed by its excess, is like a rich storehouse in terms of Stem Cells. It is the richest tissue of our body in terms of cell diversity.

The International Fat Applied Technology Society published a common opinion and named the adipose-derived stem cells, which are rich in stem cells.

These cells, which have typical mesenchymal stem cell characteristics, have the characteristic of being transformed into other cell forms, reproducing quickly and intensively and thus regenerating the cells.

With S&M StemCell kits, it is to perform fast and permanent tissue renewal and repair by isolating dense stem cells from adipose tissues in the abdominal region and applying them to the damaged tissues in the patient.